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Krazy Races is coming to Africa!

Posted: 10th August 2023

ITT and UK-based events company Krazy Races are working together to bring the fun-filled Krazy Races Soapbox Racing Event to Africa.   Krazy Races itself is a brand of Soapbox Racing created to bring an exciting and free-to-attend Event to towns and cities, so far only in the UK. Now in its fourth year, it has been a great success in all of the locations it has visited, providing a boost to the local economy, and promoting a range of charitable causes while offering significant commercial opportunities for sponsorship and broader advertising.

As the brand expands, it seeks to broaden its offering by undertaking international events. By Partnering with ITT, Krazy Races is searching for its first event to be held on the African Continent and is actively seeking a City Government Administration for partnership on this showpiece event. The initial target cities are Nairobi, Addis Ababa or Kigali.

What does Krazy Races involve?

Delivered by a team with extensive experience in outdoor events, Krazy Races has become known for bringing quality, excitement, and excellence with a sprinkle of spectacle.

Each event follows teams designing, building, and then racing their soapboxes down a hill surrounded by a festival-style event including traders, entertainment and a beehive of various activities.

Unlike many other events, Krazy Races is free to attend. Businesses, Charity & Community groups and individuals pay to enter a team with additional income supplemented through advertising and sponsorship as well as secondary spending on the day.

What Krazy Races Offers

When the organisers bring the event to a town, city, or venue they aim to provide a full event and festival experience for the audience, community, teams, sponsors, and charities.  Each of the events is uniquely designed for its location and local community whilst remaining true to the Krazy Races brand.

The organisers start by announcing the event through partners, social media, print media and more. This is then backed up with an amazing website which gains a huge amount of organic traffic. The website is easy to navigate and hosts all Krazy Races events with information on how to enter, who the sponsors are and event day information.

Before the Event Day, the organisers;

  • Create a buzz of excitement in the lead-up to the event
  • Engage the local community and businesses
  • Recruit a host of teams to race in the event
  • Engage local sponsors to ensure the event is a success
  • Ensure the karts are scrutinised for safety and ready to race
  • Work with local authorities and safety Advisory Groups to ensure the event is generally safe to run.

On the Event Day, the organisers;

  • Create a bespoke track for each area we visit
  • Cover all health & safety aspects of the day
  • Manage all aspects of the large-scale event
  • Create a fun environment that engages a diverse audience.


The primary target audience is families. Being free, the events are open and accessible to all, with the main trend being families looking to have a day out. They are looking for experiences, thrills and excitement with entertainment and value for money, which the event offers. As the events are not fenced in or ticketed, visitors can dip in and out throughout the day utilising and exploring what else the area has to offer, which is great for the local economy and induced tourism.

The income from these audiences comes from spending on food, drink, entertainment and other activities, for which the vendors either pay a pitch fee and/or a percentage of their takings on the day.

The secondary audience is made up of engineering and technical motorsport enthusiasts, that have come to see the karts. This is typically, but not solely, " motorsport fans". The planning process ensures that no one is left out. This audience is catered for through onsite experiences such as the 'pit tour' which enables people to get up close and personal with the karts and the teams, who ideally love the engagement with the crowd. Generally, the event makes sure that everyone involved gets to have a good time.

Sponsors and Partners

The event sponsors & partners are key components of the event. The organisers create bespoke financial and in-kind packages to meet the needs of the events in each location. The aim is to build a profile of sponsors & partners that complement the ethos of the event and the Krazy Races.


The final element of the event is the teams.  Each event aims to attract many teams. These are made up of:

  • Individuals (often raising money for charity events)
  • Charities themselves
  • Community groups and education facilities looking to create team-building opportunities
  • Businesses, often look to advertise and give back to their local community.

Let's go racing!

Krazy Races is coming to Africa!
Krazy Races is coming to Africa!
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