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I.T. Transport Limited (ITT) has been providing consultancy services since its establishment in 1979, focused on, and appropriate to, the needs of the transport, infrastructure and development sectors in emerging markets. ITT is based in the UK and is committed to delivering high quality projects that leave a lasting legacy in the countries they work in. ITT works with various bilateral and multilateral donors, private firms and government agencies, to improve the transport sector in developing countries. ITT has successfully carried out numerous assignments in more than 60  countries and has extensive experience in Sub-Saharan Africa – with over 80% of ITT’s projects in this region. ITT has the expertise and experience to confidently formulate and execute large and small projects from their initial conception, through to their completion.

ITT has always believed that sustainable transport infrastructure and services are crucial to social and economic development. In all undertakings, therefore, its approach goes beyond the technical aspects of the work, by working in close partnership with institutions, governments and local firms to build on their capabilities and capacities, and to ensure project outcomes are achieved and then maintained. This is accomplished with a focus on the design and tailoring of support and investments, which ensures that ITT clients achieve sustainable benefits, and are successful in alleviating poverty, stimulating trade and creating wealth.

ITT recognises that every project is different, with specific social, economic and environmental concerns that must be acknowledged and require a tailored and unique delivery approach, which embodies an understanding of the local needs and opportunities. When undertaking projects, working with communities and local partners is vital to have their full support and ensure that their needs are met in addition to securing sustainable and successful long-term outcomes.

ITT is also a leader in the implementation of practical and sustainable initiatives, leveraging technological advancements to improve access and mobility, with the goal of social and economic development. Evidence for this can be found in the pioneering role it has played in the evolution and international acceptance of the concept of access-stimulated poverty alleviation, and the design of related investment programmes.

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