ITT-RAMS Modules and Features

In the more recent past, ITT-RAMS has developed to become an enterprise cloud-based asset management solution that enables a road authority to link strategic objectives to its planning, maintenance operations and investment decision making

Core Features:

⦁ Inventory development
⦁ Condition monitoring
⦁ Automated strategic and detailed planning.
⦁ Contract management and payment control
⦁ Financial monitoring and reporting


⦁ Map
⦁ Road Network
⦁ Planning
⦁ Contract Management
⦁ Finance
⦁ Reporting


Visually display the road network and easily identify issues with colour-coded lines

Road Network

An Inventory and condition database containing as much data as you need. This includes collecting data on road furniture and any related information.


An automated planning with functionality to link to financial allocations. The module allows you to automatically prioritise work based on various scores and formulas decided by you.

Contract Management/Finance

The contract management module can be used to track contracts attached to the planned works. This can then be used to track progress as well as manage costs and budgets.


The reporting model enables you to create your own reports based on the data fields you have set up. The reports can be visualised into graphs and charts for better presentation

User Management

The system gives the ability to give access to multiple users with different access rights to data based on the roles within your organisation.

Fully Customisable Fields

The system allows you to customise nearly all the data fields. This includes the road network, contracts and contractors and the planning criteria. This allows you to have a system that is suited to the organisation and how it works.

Fast and Secure

ITT-RAMS is built on a modern cloud-compatible infrastructure. All communication is encrypted. Passwords are stored using a one-way secure hash and other sensitive data can be encrypted if required.

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